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Switchable Privacy Glass is a laminated glass. The laminated material within is Polymer-Dispersed Liquid Crystal (PDLC) Film which responds to an electrical current.The PDLC film is encapsulated between layers of glass in a protective laminate construction can be switched from frosted to clear state, which makes the glass has the function of blinds and protect the privacy effectively.

General Notes

  • Privacy Protection and Room Partition : The most function is privacy protection . Transforms from opaque barrier to a clear state. Allows Architects and Contractors to provide creative design concepts on demand.

  • Rear Projection Screen : Great solution for a rear-projection screen with high contrast.

  • Explosion- proof : No distraction of shutters blinds or drapes.

  • Heat Insulation : The smart film and EVA film can block sun solar energy, 99%UV, 98% IR rays.Protecting your interiors fading and yellowing. And meanwhile, can protect people from disease caused by direct sunlight.

  • Sound Insulation : Can block noise by 20% more than normal glass.

  • Multiple Control : Different style controls like remote control, wall switch, light sensor, voice control, APP etc...







Municipal Unit Project Cases

HOHO smart film applications in conference makes your work easier. Besides, it also brings an extraordinary visual experience. We can also provide you with projection, touch and other functions according to your needs.


Home Villa Project Case

In home decorations, frosted to clear can be realized on demand. Creating a different atmosphere for your life. Being used in homes, villas make life more colorful, as the reception adds a lot of mystery, even more magic.


Hotel Bathrooms

Smart PDLC glass/film used in hotels, restaurants, clubs and other places, bringing more space for the venue visual effects, add more mystery.



With the development of intelligence, HoHo smart PDLC film/glass, is more and more applied to the government, schools, banks, hospitals and other fields. Diversified control methods, fog transparent switching. At the same time, smart PDLC film/glass both explosion-proof features, so that security is guaranteed. Being as a projection screen, with the function of heat insulation and UV rejection , HOHO smart film meet most peoples’ need.


Projection and Touch-Control

Smart PDLC glass/film also has a projection function, with the use of high-definition solar machine, to show rich and delicate high-definition screen effects, combined with infrared touch technology, but also to achieve touch control. Is widely used in Exhibition Hall, Advertising Screen, family theater, meeting rooms, schools etc.


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